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Searching the Collection


No prior registration is required to search the collection. Materials may be accessed by subject area, by a keyword search, or a search of only new materials. These methods are explained below.

Access by Subject Area

When accessing materials by subject area, each subject area is listed alphabetically in the SUBJECT INDEX. You may scroll through the entire index and select a subject area. Alternately, clicking on a letter will jump you to subjects beginning with that letter.

Access by Keyword Search

To find materials using a KEYWORD SEARCH you merely select the field you want to search (or do nothing to search all fields at once) and then enter one or more words to search. When more than one word is entered, all of the words entered must be present in the record for the material to be "found". Using more than a single word will make the search more specific. You may perform a "wildcard" word search by entering the beginning of the word immediately followed by an asterisk. For example, entering the word child* will find materials containing the words children, children's, and childhood in addition to the word child.

When you have typed in your keyword(s), press the RETURN key or click on the SUBMIT QUERY button to activate the search.

Access Newly Acquired Titles Only

You can access a list of NEW TITLES that have been added to the collection. These titles represent additions since the last printed full catalog in each format. Titles are displayed in alphabetical order.

Display the Full Entry

Selecting a subject area or performing a keyword search results in an alphabetical list of titles which match your search criteria. To view the full entry for any of these titles, just click on that title. Titles recently added to the collection are marked with a NEW symbol.

At any point in your search, you may return to the previous display by clicking the BACK button on your browser or by selecting BACK from the pull-down menu.

Catalog Updated 09/30/09
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